Opened April 1996

Theatre: Indiana Repertory Theatre; Director: Libby Appel; Production Stage Manager: David Dreyfoos; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Tom Broecker; Lighting Designer: Don Holder; Movement: David Hochoy; Sound Designer: Irwin Appel; Dramaturg: Janet Allen; Vocal Coach: Marion Michael; Assistant Director: Danielle Bedau
Cast: Bernard Addison: Caliban, Antonio; John Henry Redwood: Gonzalo/Stephano; Howard Jensen: Alonso; Karl Kenzler: Ferdinand, Boatswain; William Leach: Prospero; Priscilla Lindsay: Sebastian, Trinculo; Jodi Somers: Miranda, Ariel

Director's Notes: "The Tempest is a spiritual and magical play which tells a monumental story of a journey that begins with greed, power, treachery, rage, and revenge, and ultimately transforms into reconciliation, restoration, salvation, love and grace. It is told by the greatest storyteller of all time, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare has created a myth or allegory in which his alter ego, Prospero, controls time, nature, the other characters, and all the events until the great magician relinquishes his powers and control, recognizing that...'we are such stuff as dreams are make on and our little life is rounded with a sleep.'

This is Shakespeare's final play and when we watch it in performance, we are reminded of the mature works of other extraordinary artists. These geniuses became transformed by heavenly grace when they were confronted with their own mortality: think of Michelangelo's last Pieta or his unfinished slave sculptures, da Vinci's and Rembrandt's final self-portraits, Beethoven's late string quartets. Galileo, after a lifetime of courageous scientific experimentation, came to the end of his life and wrote: 'How sad I must be when I realize that the heavens, the sky and the universe, which by most strange observations and clear arguments I magnified a hundred, yea, a thousand times in comparison with what all scholars of former ages has seen, now are to me so small and narrow that they do not reach beyond the space occupied by my own person.' We are fortunate to be profoundly touched by an extraordinary imagination and genius when we experience The Tempest we are allowed glimpses into God's great mystery."

Designer's Notes: "In our setting, the whole island has risen from the water only for the purpose of providing a temporary home for Prospero and Miranda. It is a twelve year mirage which comes and goes in a blink of nature's eye. Within that world exist only the necessities and tools the inhabitants need to complete their journey. Ariel's golden swing, provides a child-like fantasy of flight. Caliban's earthy, desolate sewer provides an asylum where he can be both innocent and street-wise. Prospero needs only the natural elements, for the time-being he is not held by traditional physics which bind him to the earth. He has reached the summit of his control over nature. For his spectacle he is at once director, designer, projectionist.

It is for the aucience to enjoy this fleeting spectacle, this current production and this enduring play, before it goes the way of all such visions. The island lies as far from Prospero's native land as the depths of the sea and as close as our own imagination."

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - The golden clothes (above); Looking down into Caliban's world; The wedding






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