Opened March 1991

Theatre: Yale Repertory Theatre; Director: Andrei Belgrader; Production Stage Manager: Jonathan Dimock Secor; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: B. Christine McDowell; Lighting Designer: Rick Martin; Composer: Rusty Magee; Dramaturg: Framji Minwalla
Cast: Alex Draper (Octave), Ken Cheeseman (Silvestre), Stanley Tucci (Scapin), Sarah McCord Williams (Hyacinte), Michael McCormick (Argante), Walker Jones (Geronte), Joshua Fardon (Leandre), Rusty Magee (Carle), Mary Testa (Zerbinette), Claudia Feldstein (Nerine), Martin A. Blanco & Kevin Meredith (two porters)

Dramaturg's Notes: "The commedia del arte had a profound influence on Moliere's dramaturgy. He learnt from these Italians how to merge three fundamental human modes of being: the sexual, the scatological, and the financial. Moliere clashes these three epitemologies in ways that make them simultaneously hilarious and bizarre. We begin to ask such questions as: how can that old miser make love to a sack of coins? Was that an orgasm or did he just take a dump? Each base desire, each yearning, is stretched to its most ridiculous extreme, contorted, and made recognizable. And in this was, the plays astonish as lusty celebration of the grotesque. They attract because they're anarchic carnivals that slip into a cracking system, moments of sustained lunacy that tease us, beckon us, and finally fill us with the thundering of uncontrollable laughter"

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - Finale (above); Scenery closeup



PAINT ELEVATION - Entrance curtain

PAINT ELEVATIONS - Ring; Wood; Canopy

RESEARCH - Floor; Canopy

RESEARCH - Banners

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