Opened November 1994

Theatre: Indiana Repertory Theatre (Indianapolis); Director: Mark Rucker; Production Stage Manager: Bruce Hostetler; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Katherine Roth; Lighting Designer: Bob Peterson; Choreographer: David Hochoy; Composer: Irwin Appel; Sound Designer: Milo Miller
Cast: Jonathan McMurtry (Zangler), Su Ours (Gertrud, Waiter, Miss Blumenblatt), Susan Patterson (Marie), Guiesseppe Jones (Sonders); David Rasner (Foreigner, Coachman), Ned Snell (Melchior), Chuck Goad (Hupfer, Waiter, Constable), Catherine Lynn Davis (Christopher), Irwin Appel (Weinberl), Milicent Wright (Phillipine, Lisette, Ragamuffin), Jurian Hughes (Madame Knorr), Leah Maddrie (Frau Fischer), Bill Ballard/Jon Heuring/Keith Hunter/Margaret Miles (restaurant staff)

Director's Notes: "As I studied the text, I found it so delightful and winning that I was surprised it wasn't being done by every regional theatre in the country! The play began to summon a lot of associations in my imagination. I can't help recalling screwball film comedies of the thirties like 'My Man Godfrey', or 'Bringing Up Baby' , whose comedy seems very similar to the wacky world of 'On the Razzle'. But the play does have its kernel of human truth as well--everyone needs a razzle or two in life."

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - On the way to Vienna (above); Zangler's Shop; Madame Knorr's Shop (outside)

1/4" SCALE MODEL - On the way to Vienna; The Imperial Gardens Cafe; Miss Blumenblatt's Garden

PAINT ELEVATIONS - Wall; Floor; Hedge

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