Opened March 1995

Theatre: Indiana Repertory Theatre (Indianapolis); Director: Andrew Tsao; Production Stage Manager: Bruce Hostetler; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Tom Broecker; Lighting Designer: Eric Fehlaver; Movement: David Hochoy; Sound Designer: Milo Miller
Cast: David Alan Anderson (Mercutio), James Solomon Benn (Frair Laurence, Capulet Servant), Diana Dupuis (Benvolio, Apothecary, Balthasar), Zachary Ehrenfreund (Romeo), Chuck Goad (Capulet), Brad Griffith (Tybalt, Paris, Montague), Tracey A. Leigh (Juliet), Lynne Perkins (Nurse, Lady Montague), Hisa Takakuwa (Lady Capulet)

Director's Notes: "With this simple fable of love and death, Shakespeare invented a new form of theatre: the love tragedy. Previous to "Romeo & Juliet", Elizabethan audiences were accustomed to tales of love ending happily. Now they were confronted with a story that lay bare the hypocrisy of the adult world and the power of pure feeling in the adolescent heart. The Friar, trying to teach Romeo about the dangers of headstrong passion, says "these delights have violent ends... like fire and powder, when they kiss, consume." Juliet's language is cosmic and filled with incantations to move the heavens. She orders the sun across the sky, and night to fall early. Romeo is to be made into stardust after his death. The imagery of quick burning fire, cosmic portents and blazing comets makes this play a hastened, almost pell mell journey into oblivion, or eternity. The unbridled passion of "Romeo & Juliet" is most tragic when one pauses to think what these children might have been, might have become, had the world they were born into not been so filled with hate and adult cynicism."

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - The Capulet party; Juliet's tomb


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