Opened-Portland Stage, Portland ME, 1992

Director: Cheryl Faver; Production Stage Manager: Andrew Volkoff & Liz Dreyer; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Nephelie Andonyadis; Lighting Designer: Geoff Korf; Dramaturg: Susan Mendelsohn
Cast: Suzy Fey (Anne 1), Sharon Brady or Zoey Zimmerman (Anne 2), Kirk Jackson (Charles 1), Oliver Wadsworth or Joseph Fuqua (Charles 2)

Designer's Notes: The photo shown above was from a Yale classroom project which we then used to sell Portland Stage on the idea. The play's production in both these theaters was on a much scaled-down budget.

Production Notes: "On each side of this rubble pile... are gutted buildings: walls standing, but roofs blown off and floors collapsed. The sky and the last faint light of evening show through the higher gaps of windows... Pushing my head farther out, I can see one spire of the cathedral, gutted, but still beautiful, dimly silhouetted in the night. Above, there are broken clouds, and the stars are coming out. I feel surrounded by death. Only in the sky is there hope."
--Charles Lindbergh upon visiting Nuremberg in June 1945

"Where will I go next-be what? I drop into another world, a world in which I am less body than before. I am a bodiless entity whirling through space, to rhythm. It is a very familiar rhythm. As it pounds along and I with it I realize that it is important that we reach a certain point in that rhythm. It is somehow connected with Charles and I realize-I, the unprecise, the inaccurate, the careless, the vague-that if we do not hit just the precise half-beat, that dot in time, that accidental count-I shall miss Charles-for good. He will be lost to me forever."
--Anne Morrow Lindbergh's dream while gassed in childbirth, 1945

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