Opened October 1994

Theatre: Indiana Repertory Theatre; Director: Libby Appel; Production Stage Manager: Kevin Casey; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Kristine A. Kearney; Lighting Designer: Victor En Yu Tan; Music: Malcolm Ruhl; Sound Designer: Milo Miller
vCast: Tom Aulino (Truman), Diana DuPuis (Woman), Brad Griffith (Man), Karen Smith Hill (Sook), Allen McCoy (Buddy), Nathan Perry or Roger Williams (Piano)

Note: This delicate play celebrates Truman Capote's friendship with Sook, an elderly family relation. It takes place during his childhood years in Alabama and is broken into two parts--"The Thanksgiving Visitor" and "A Christmas Memory". Because of the splendidly evocative language, we chose to do this production with the simplest elements possible. In the photo above we see a good example of this with the Thanksgiving dinner which was done with only dining chairs and no table.

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - Thanskgiving dinner (above); Odd arrives; Buddy & Sook bring back the Christmas tree; Buddy & Sook decorate the tree


PAINT ELEVATIONS - Backdrop; Floor

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