Opened January 1996

Theatre: Mabou Mines; Director: Lee Breuer; Production Stage Manager: Peggy Samuels; Computer Operator: Julia Carr; Costume Designer: Mary Bishop; Set & Lighting Designer: Julie Archer; Projection Designer: Karen TenEyck; Composer: Ushio Torikai; Sound Designer: Edward Cosla; "Pace Leonardo": Michael Davis; Assistant Director: Caden Manson; Dramaturg: Rachel Shteir; Technical Director: John Lewis
Cast: Barbara Pollitt, Janie Geiser, Basil Twist, Terry O'Reilly, Jessica Smith, Ruth Maleczech, David Neumann, Fred Neumann, Clove Galilee, Leslie Mohn, Xin Zhang, Carrie Cantor, Smantha Hack, Emily Weiner, Maria Hurley, Marymay Impastato, Kathy Shaw, Crystal Scott, Lute Rambin, Bina Sharif, Jenny Subjack.

Director's Notes: "The Bardo--where the dead await rebirth as a human, as a god, as a demon, as a ghost, a denizen of hell, or as an animal. According to classic teaching, the Bardo is pure subjectivity, pure mind, and therefore, as much as we would like to represent it traditionally with its "mother luminosity", its "clear light". Its four phases of dharmata. "Rainbow essences". Its peaceful and wrathful deities, etc. etc., we realize that subjectivity for a contemporary dog and rabbit marches to a different program and worships a different iconography. In this realm of spiritual space Rose meets Bunny....the soul of a rabbit...and her long lost earthly friend."

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Images for the opening monologue maze.

Additional constellations for the maze. There are about 12 in all.

Four of the 6 Leslie talking animation cells. Animated.

Six of the 21 TV lecture animation cells. Animated.

The entrance of the goddess in Act 2.

The entrance of the Warrior Ant at the end of the show.

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