Opened March 1994

Theatre: Indiana Repertory Theatre; Director: Andrew Tsao; Production Stage Manager: Bruce Hostetler; Set Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Barry Doss; Lighting Designer: Victor En Yu Tan; Movement: David Hochoy; Sound Designer: Milo Miller

Director's Notes: "The text of Kathryn Schultz-Miller's short play is a kind of structured memory: through Sadako's brief life, we encounter the Hiroshima bombing as an incomprehensible human act. The issues of race, culture, nuclear war and patriotism are complex for young audiences. Producing 'A Thousand Cranes' demands restraint, imagination, the willingness to face horror, the willingness to forgive. In our production we try to stir a young audiences theatrical imagination by presenting another world that seems familiar, a child's flights of fancy as a journey to understanding, a story that is simple yet compelling. In the end, we hope to ask questions rather than teach. If a child can know loss as a necessary outcome of war, and see another culture as human rather than exotic, we have succeeded."

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - Sadako & her grandmother on the River of Fire, Sadako's grandmother appears in a vision; Sadako in the hospital

1/4" SCALE MODEL - Act Curtain (above); Sadako & her grandmother fly through the air

PAINT ELEVATIONS - Act Curtain; #1 Portal (no larger image links)

PAINT ELEVATION - Backdrop (no larger image link)

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