Opened July 1998

Theatre: Shakespeare Festival/LA; Director: Andrew Tsao; Assistant Director: Greg Reiner; Producer: Ben Donenberg; Assistant Set Designer/Lead Scenic Painter: Lisa Hashimoto; Production Stage Manager: Christy Weikel; Set/Projection Designer: Karen TenEyck; Costume Designer: Elizabeth Hope Clancy; Lighting Designer: Bob Howell; Assistant Stage Managers: Amber Wedin, Sevag Aivaizian
Cast: Cinna/Volunimous: Victor Buno; Portia/Soothsayer/Strato: Nike Doukas; Titinius: Nathan Krupa; Metellus Cimber/Dardanius: Jim Eusterman; Brutus: Rif Hutton; Trebonius/Clitus: John Jabaley; Cicero: Stu Levin; Messala: Tyler Lindsay; Decius Brutus: Julius Tennon; Caesar: Dakin Matthews; Cassius: Robert Pescovitz; Casca: Clive Rosengren; Anthony: Tom Schanley; Lepidus: Thom Taylor; Lucius: Marc Valera; Poet/Messanger: Ryun Yu; Announcer/Muse: Gregory Mortensen; Calphurnia/Soothsayer/Octavius: Alicia Wollerton; Pindarus/Caesar's servant: Carlos Madrid Mora; Citizens/Soldiers: Quintrell Jackson, Peaches Leon, Elias Martines, Kazi Myers

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PRODUCTION PHOTOS - Caesar is murdered (above); Brutus & Portia in the Garden; Casear greets the Senators in his home; Caesar & Calphurnia come to the Capital; The Rebel & Imperial Armies ; Brutus & Cassius in Act 5

RESEARCH - Projections/Army logos

RESEARCH - Furniture for Caesar's House


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